History in Action

Historic Swayze Burying Ground 
Hope, New Jersey
Frank B. Swayze visited from San Diego, California and made a substantial donation to kick-off the Swayze Cemetery
gravestone restoration project.

(Robert May thanks Frank for his generosity after showing him 
the Israel Swayze monument which will be the first stone restored)
Work has begun to restore the first gravesite in the Swayze Cemetery. Israel Swayze's monument is being repaired. A completion date is dependent on weather conditions and complexity of the work. A professional company, CPR Conservation has been retained to make the stabilization repairs.

Additional gravestone repairs will be made when the funds are available. If you would like to make a donation of $1000. or more for grave stone repairs, or wall and fence stabilization, please send your donation and indicate desire to apply to restoration projects.

Smaller donations will be applied to general maintenance and operating costs. All monetary donations are welcomed and used wisely. Consult your tax preparer for deductibility of your donation. 
We are a qualified 501 (c)3 nonprofit corporation.

James Swayze photographs the grave of his ancestors. 
He visited from us from Toronto, Canada.
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